28th of March

  • 10.30 Master class from Alena Salata “Salon Grooming of the Yorkshire Terrier”
  • 12.30 Seminar by Valery Rysev “DATA marketing. How to increase profits »
  • 13.30 Workshop
  • 14.00 Zoopsychology
  • 16.00 Handmade DogsDoll

29th of March

  • 10.00 Master class “Ultrasonic teeth cleaning”
  • 11.30 Seminar on the selection of scissors and care for them from Edward Gaib
  • 14.00 Competition “Master of salon grooming – 2017. I Cup of Edward Gabe”

30th of March

  • 10.00 Master class with working off on creative grooming from Anna Pugina
  • 13.00 Master class of Tatyana Vergel “Salon grooming bichon frize”
  • 16.00 Master class by Anna Pugina “Salon grooming West Highland White Terrier”

30th of March

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